03 September 2012

Update: my green sweater WIP

You're looking at the stitch markers
I'm pushing along on my sweater and have the back and front done above the armpits, but I've also gone ahead and connected under the arms and I'm now going down the front completely in the round!

Exciting things that have happened include:
  1. Adding stitch markers under the arms, which I sort of find adorable. I have some very utilitarian ones, but also a pretty pearlish one that I got when I purchased my shawl pin. Cute and pretty!
  2. I connected and am now knitting in the round! This might seem straight forward to some of you, but to me this is a new and exciting thing. I now have an infinite tube of sweater that I'm making. I don't have to turn needles or move my sweater around. I don't have to purl. I just knit knit knit and around and around I go.
  3. I have well over 3 inches of fabric (under the armpits) done! Whoa! So fast! I won't start any more decreases or shaping, though, until I hit 5 inches.
  4. I've switched needles down a size! I was using a pair of size 7 circs that I bought at joanns, but now that I'm down to size 6 I pulled out the Knit Picks nickle-plated tips and cord that Polycrafty let me borrow, and I freaking love it. They are pointy, they are easy, they are fast. Zoom!
But... some disappointments as well:
  1. Remember how I'm just knitting forever in an infinite tube? Well, as it turns out, that gets a bit boring after a while. *yawn*  I don't wish I was smaller all too often, since I'm generally happy with myself, but I wish I was several inches smaller circumference and then I wouldn't have to many stitches around to do.
  2. Also, this yarn is obviously too thick for this top. I think it will come out an OK size, but just be too bulky for the sweet little look that it has in the picture. I wanted to save money on something I might not finish and I went with mid-grade yarn cost. In retrospect, I wish that I had picked up what was recommended.  Maybe I'll pull all of this work out and make something new?  No way. I'll at least finish and wear it once.  After that? We'll see if I end up falling in love with it, after all.