06 June 2012

Sewing: Sweet Handkerchief

It is finally here! My new sewing machine that can both wind bobbins and sew without tangling!
It also has decorative stitching and a needle threader. Fancy!

So many stitches

I decided to test it out by using the satin scallop edge to hem a hanky.
I had some old cotton fabric from a lovely quilt I made my mom a bajillion years ago.
Scallop edge, plus trimming
Then I pushed the pedal to the metal, so to speak, and zipped along. After cutting close to the scallop edge and removing extra fabric...
The finished pieces, folded oh-so-nicely!

Ta da!  Handkerchief!


  1. Oh wow, that is so cool! What kind of sewing machine? I wonder if my sewing machine can do that? (you know, after I get it repaired, anyway)

    1. I have never had such a decorative stitch selection before! I can do a variety of nifty things. Mostly, I expect that I'll just use the old 'here is a straight stitch!' one, but maybe I'll fancy again with scallops, or try out the walking foot (whatever that is...)

      It's a Brother... CS6000i, I think? Had good reviews on Amazon.com and also consumer reports. I've had one of the cheapest-possible-$75 and the plastic bits broke, so I went up a [small] step.

      ALSO: I have 2 old machines that are broken and tangly, but might have parts or something. One is an old Kenmore, the other... I think a Singer that's built into a table, though I'm keeping the table. Let me know if you want them else I'll drop them at a goodwill.

    2. Yeah, if you don't mind, I'd like to take a look at them before you goodwill them. I doubt I can do much for them, but considering my recent issues, I wouldn't mind having a basic backup machine.

      A walking foot, btw is great for quilting: basically it's designed to keep the top part of your quilt-sandwich moving at the same pace as the bottom part that is being moved by the feed-dogs.

    3. Oh, perfect. Sounds good, then.

      BTW, if I could get blogger to email me when someone comments, I'd turn off the dang moderation feature.

  2. That is beautiful...I'd feel bad blowing my nose though!

    1. Thanks! I guess that handkerchiefs can be used for a lot of things, not just nose-blowing. The good news, though, is that it would wash right off :)