26 August 2012

Finally done: Drippy Wax Art

Melty crayons are melty!
Several months ago, when I used to use Pinterest, I saw an awesome melty-crayon wax project that I just had to recreate.  I wanted to make something to match my living room - dark wood, teal and tan couch and cushions, brown and tan brick. I started buying about 10 boxes of crayons. And a 2x4 ft canvas.  And I was ready to go!!

Ha! Just kidding. See, I wanted to sort out the colors that I didn't want (reds, pinks, oranges....) and just keep the colors that I did (teal, some greens and blues and tan).  So 10 boxes got me approximately.... 8 inches across the total 4 feet.

So I bought crayons whenever I saw them on sale in whatever craft store I was in. A few months and several pounds later.... I had enough crayons sorted and ready to go.
Close up arty shot

With the help of super glue (hot glue gun didn't hold once we started heating), plastic tarp, and a heat gun, I present melty crayon art!

Nathan and I team-peeled the paper off of all of the crayons by slicing the paper lengthwise with a razor and peeling the paper quickly.

We spent a long time lining up the crayons and adding highlights and low lights and shifting things around back and forth and making it just *so*...

We super-glued them all down and blasted them with hot air and let them drip down.

Fabulous success. Now I just need to resist the urge to touch it and pick at it.  Good so far!


  1. It looks amazing! Thanks for having us over!

    1. It made the whole activity better for having company. I was able to put more of the crayons to good use.... and, seriously, that group was one of the most supportive ever. I can't wait to go to another craft night with all of you!!

      (Also - I hope to see a picture of how yours turned out!)

  2. That looks really sweet. We have a bunch of broken crayons (gee, imagine that) which might give the top a more disordered look, similar to life with a 3 year old.

    1. By the way, this is Ross (need to change my default name on blogspot).

    2. Thanks for posting! I think that I would know this was you...

      You should definitely do this with the kids. The wax was flowing all over the place and I can imagine it would look really neat however it was set up.

      Higgledy-piggledy? No problem!

  3. That looks terrific! For a moment (until I read the post) I thought it was a pic of something in a gallery!