02 July 2012

Ice Cream: Coconut cherry rose

Coconut, Cherry, & Rose Ice Cream
Oh, Summer... one of the best things about this season is that cherries go on sale. Sometimes, in the memories from childhood, they are as chap at 99-cents-a-pound. Othertimes, though, like last week at Marc's, they were $1.99/# and that's almost as good.  Also: I never need an excuse to make or eat ice cream, but if I needed one then Cherry Season is it.
Several years ago (Ahem: 2009) I found a recipe on Tartelette's blog for Cherry, Rose, and Coconut Ice Cream and I've been making it at least annually ever since.

I'm not going to post the whole recipe here since I don't even adapt her recipe (I just copy it outright) since it's so freaking delicious.
Layered and ready for the hard-freeze

I will leave a few tips:
- It is always appropriate to mix 1 cup each of sugar, cream, milk, and coconut milk and warm it up until the sugar dissolves and then to freeze it. And eat it.
Our cast!
- If you make this, make sure you use food-grade rosebuds. I last picked them up (for really cheap, honestly) in bulk from the Food Co-Op on Euclid near Mayfield... but now that the location's closed I don't know the next place in the area to look. Whole Foods? Mustard Seed Market?  Gosh... what am I saying...  just order it online.

Holy Moly. So delicious. Fresh, sweet cherries w/roses and sugar.


  1. That looks delicious!! I am going to try this!

    1. Yes! Yes!
      Please try it. You should let me know how it goes :)

  2. I can vouch for the deliciousness of this ice cream!

    1. Yes you can! Isn't it good? I can't believe that I didn't have extra last night (well, except for just 1 bite with a spoon). Tonight!! Beer brats and ice cream. Rain be damned.