05 July 2012

Ballband: Take Two

A few weeks ago, I received a package from my mother. As it turns out, she picked up on my not-so-subtle hint that I'd be happy to take any old knitting supplies off of her hands... and she came though in flying colors. She had 7-8 pair of needles in the box, most of them rather old since they belonged to my Oma but a few newer pair as well that my mom picked up. These was even the start of a sleeve on a tiny set of double-pointed needles with a ribbed cuff that went about a third of the way to the elbow -- this was something that my Oma was working on at some point. The stitching was really lovely. My mom also threw in some Twizzlers and Starburst since they wouldn't melt in the heat.  Atta girl!

My mom's ballband dishcloth. Blue!
Anyway, in order to get my mom to ship the package out, I resorted to bribery* and offered to make her a dishcloth to match her kitchen. She selected a dusty blue, and since my size 7s were empty, I cast on while watching Iron Man to celebrate the 4th of July and by the end of The Incredible Hulk I was about 1/4 of the way through (including a nice break for dinner... ribs on the grill).

Already, this piece is much nicer than my first go, and I don't think that I've even made any mistakes yet. The rows are more even, the whole thing is at a more balanced tension, and I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. Give me a few more hours and I'll have this one knocked out of the park, too.

I like the feeling of finishing things!! I fear what might happen when I start something a little more lofty, like a sweater, since that will take hours and hours and involve lots and lots of mistakes.  Hm.  We'll have to see how this plays out.

* I'm pretty confident that my mom didn't actually need to be bribed.


  1. Cool! It looks so pretty so far.

  2. That's because she made your lovely younger sister mail it. And might I add that I had no idea there were sugary treats inside! I need to get better on my bargaining skills it seems.

    1. My lovely younger sister is so lovely! Thanks for shipping it out.