22 July 2012

Untwisting the Purl

I don't ever want to make another swatch. Ugh, learning!
Today, I went to my friend's home for some trashy TV on Netflix, some Rustic cheese, baby green, and nasturtium sandwiches, and some Mega Craft Time.  In addition to spending a few hours knitting the ugliest scarf ever while watching Hoarders, I decided to figure out, fix, and learn how to knit and purl properly so that my stitches weren't twisted.  To show you what I mean, check out this picture:

Basically, if you follow the stitches carefully starting from the bottom and working upwards, you see that the knitting looks like a row of little V shapes. Every other row, though, the "V" shape looks more like a "Y", since the bottom of one stitch crosses the bottom of the next. A proper stockinette should have all of the slanty-lines of the V line up, but not cross, to make the correct shape.  I've highlighted a few rows on the bottom showing the cross on the 'purl' row, and then higher up you can see where I've corrected it by wrapping the yarn the proper way around the needle when I'm purling (basically, wrap counter-clockwise instead of clockwise... who knew?)

Peppery nasturtiums! Flowers are delicious and fancy.

Ta da! Now that I have this straightened out, I decided to cast on and start the first 3 rows of my sweater :) I didn't take a pic, though. Instead, I'll leave you with this one from the lunch I had with Polycrafty.


  1. Yay learning! Although I totally feel your pain on the twisted purls. As we noticed, I even forgot what the right way looks like when you demonstrated, even though my fingers are doing the right thing now. Trixy ickle purlies.