14 July 2012

A proper swatch

Blocking with pins! Like a proper swatch.
After my last post, I decided to do a proper swatch. I used garter to make a 'frame' that would keep the stockinette swatch portion from curling and twisting. When I was finished, I washed it gently and blocked it to let it dry overnight.

Dried swatch.

Good news! My stitches per inch is as the pattern calls for.

Bad news! Looking at my swatch it looks like my knitting is twisted a bit (or maybe my purling is?) Instead of the "V's" lining up next to each other, on every other row the row is very short and one side of the V is tucked under the other side.

I think that it might make sense for me to wait to cast on until I get some input on this. Though usually I'm all "this seems close enough let's go!", I sort of what to do this -right- so that I wear it when I'm finished.



  1. So, I just found this page: http://knitwhits.wordpress.com/2006/09/28/knitting-tip-2-twisted-stitches/ and I think it's a great explanation of what my problem *might* be. I think that I'll do a practice block in a different yarn tonight and see if I can work out which way to wrap my yarn.

    I think that I was wrapping the purls correctly and the knits wrong, so when I was knitting into the back of the stitch it meant that my stitches were *not* twisted. Now that I'm knitting into the front (like I'm supposed to) I'll have to reverse the wrap direction. Phew.

  2. That sounds right to me. I've actually seen some interesting patterns/textures made by purposely mixing twisted and regular stitches in certain ways! -Amy