07 July 2012

Mistakes - fix 'em or forget 'em?

Yesterday, I brought my knitting with me to boardgaming night at the BURPS HQ. After a few games I decided to take a break and just knit a bit while friends (including Polycrafty) continued playing.  I had knit several rows and took a look back at my work and there was something... missing.  Rather than continueing the stripey bands that make the dishcloth look like so many stacked bricks, I had somehow dropped this section and sort of knit over it.
I guess this is what it's like to do my best.

I paused a bit and dug into my knitting with the spare needle and found the stripey part, but somehow I had knit right over it, covering it up and ruining the effect.  Usually at this point I'd just shrug and keep going, but I had already prided myself on how I hadn't even made any mistakes yet (that I noticed...) and has shown such improvement. 

Anyway, I yanked out a few rows and kept my place and re-threaded the thing on my needle and realized that I was forgetting to pull the yard forward and back before slip stitching, and it resulted in me covering up my hard work. But I undid my mistake! And I figured it out! And I fixed it!

This isn't typical for me.  And now I'm even further than before.


  1. Good save! I can be very ambivalent about fixing my mistakes, but sometimes it's worthwhile. And I guess there's some satisfaction in seeing a perfect finished piece. I can be so lazy sometimes though. :)

    1. Since this post I've made *way* more mistakes and, save for one that I noticed after it was just too late for me to go back, I've been un-knitting and ripping rows and doing it right. Ppppt. I guess I'm getting some satisfaction, but mostly boooo-ring.