29 July 2012

My first increase!

The top back of my sweater! From neck to armpit.
So, you may remember that I worked on swatching with the yarn and needles I bought to make a sweater and I learned how to purl correctly and fixed the wrap direction for my knit so that my stitches weren't twisted.

This weekend my progress has continued, and I spent several hours working on the first section of the pattern. This sweater is worked from the top down (so you can try it on in process) and once I get under the armpit I'll connect in the round and go down the midsection.  On the pic here, you can see the back of the sweater, and the top droopy portion is the neck. The next step is to pick up the stitches at each shoulder with the needles and to start knitting down the *front* of the sweater.

Increases! KFB!
I also learned something new: how to increase stitches! You might notice that along the armpit area the piece flares out. You might suspect that it's due to wonky technique, but it's actually on purpose. I was increasing the number of stitches by doing to kfb that adds an extra stitch to the needle.  Here's a close up, so you can see where I'm adding the extra columns.

While it feels awesome to learn this new stitch and to kfb - they are sort of fun - with each added stitch is just a bit more work I have to work going forward.

This sort of makes me think I'd like lace since there are all sorts of stitches that aren't just knits and purls.


  1. Very nice top sweater back! I bet you would like lace. Lace has lots of increases, but also decreases to leave holes in interesting patterns.

    1. Thank you! The bottom few inches of this top are lacy, so if I keep taking next steps I'll eventually get there.
      To be honest, I'm stalling a bit at trying to pick up stitches at the cast-on section of the shoulders. I need to buck up and dig in to the technical details to be successful here, I think.